ECOBAT Lead Products

  • Lead Alloys

    Lead Alloys

    ECOBAT produces and supplies a variety of special metals and alloys at premium qualities.

  • Soft lead

    Soft lead

    Highly refined soft lead products from recycled sources are an innovation brought by ECOBAT technologies.

  • Branded Lead

    Branded Lead

    Quality production of branded primary and secondary lead

  • Anodes


    The ECOBAT owned RSR Anode brand is recognized throughout the world for high quality electrorefining and electrowinning of non-ferrous metals.

  • Lead Sheets

    Lead Sheets

    The ECOBAT Sheet Division produces specialised Rolled Lead Sheet products at its two plants: BLM British Lead in the UK and Le Plomb Français in France.

  • Sodium Sulphate

    Sodium Sulphate

    During the desulphurization of lead pastes, a sodium sulphate solution is produced. This is then dried in crystallisation aggregates to deliver anhydrous sodium sulphate - a raw material for the glass and detergent industry.

  • Sulphuric acid

    Sulphuric acid

    Sulphuric acid derives from the contact process from the sulphur-containing process gases of the primary smelter.

  • Silver Production

    Silver Production

    Silver is extracted from the by-product auriferous silver by using QSL Technology.

  • Seculene PP

    Seculene PP

    Seculene PP, made solely from secondary raw materials, is an innovative and high quality product.